Pivot empowers companies to support neurodiverse employees in a manner which fosters a greater sense of belonging and inclusion for all employees.

What We Know

Yet, most companies still struggle to build teams which are equitable and which reflect the diversity of the markets they serve.

We've known this for years.

Inclusive and diverse teams drive innovation.

Who We Forget

All companies have neurodiverse employees.

Parents with neurodivergent children feel unseen within the workplace as well.

However, neurodiverse employees (and applicants) remain unknown and unsupported.

Sticking Points

Traditional efforts to address diversity and inclusion fail to produce desired impact.

There is often a mismatch between intent & outcome.

Thankfully, more concrete approaches are now

being discovered.


Pivot empowers companies to modernize their hiring, recruitment, and culture to support neurodiverse employees.

We do this in a way which fosters a greater sense of belonging & inclusion

for all employees.

Our Services


Our deep understanding of neurodiversity, data, and systems science, can help your organization uncover hidden stress points disrupting your hiring, retention, and culture.


We empower your team to understand neurodiversity and support neurodiverse colleagues in aways which bolster a sense of belonging for all employees.

Public Speaking. Town hall events. Media Commentary.
We can even do a pizza party.
We're happy to help your organization connect with neurodiverse communities.


Our Team

We're a bit different...and you'll love that.

Our Team


We are a group of workforce, organizational, and systems experts who happen to be neurodiverse.


We believe that the best experts about a community come from that community itself. Our years of professional expertise is coupled by lived experiences which effectively inform the impact of our work.


We are an autistic-led company which believes that centering communities in their own narrative builds equity and empowerment.


John Marble is Founder of Pivot. A former White House appointee, John has built a career on implementing the successful strategies needed to improve organizations & systems.

Ready to Pivot?

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