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noun. def: modern scientific understanding

Neurodiversity is our modern way of understanding diverse neurological conditions, such as autism, as a natural part of the human condition. 

These variations occur naturally. While we don't yet know why these exist. We do know that these variations have been with humans for a very long time.


noun. def: a common variation

Autism is a neurological variant which occurs in at least 1-in-59 people. Its origins are unknown, but it has played an important role in human society.


Autism is a spectrum condition, which means that each autistic individual will maintain a unique combination of autistic traits. Autistic people share similar experiences. However, no two people are alike. There are just as many ways to be autistic as there are autistic people. 

"Neurodiversity should be seen as a gift to employers,"

- Richard Branson 



Autistic People

noun. def: human beings

Autistic individuals are just like any other group of humans. Autistic people span a range of intellectual abilities and skills.

Some autistic people verbally speak, while some communicate through other means. Some autistic individuals require a high-level of assistance, some less. Almost all autistic people experience difficulty (some much more so than others) living in a society which is not designed for them.

Autistic "Cousins"

noun. def: extended family members

Variations such as ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, and Dyslexia are often considered autistic "cousins". Each of these different conditions can often be accommodated through shared approaches and understanding.

Autistic people may also have one or more of these conditions as well. 



noun. def: an inherent part of humanity

Disability is not a bad word, nor is it anything to be ashamed of. It's normal. According to the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it is an inherent part of the human condition. Each human has a set of limitations, just as they have traits which place them at an advantage in certain contexts.


Neurodiversity does not deny disability. It centers on its reality.

A disability

or a


Autism & Disability

"The autistic self-advocacy movement as a whole sees autism as a disability. This is known. We know it's a disability and we also know that disability can come with pride, culture, and rights. These things all go together with neurodiversity."

- Julia Bascom, Executive Director

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

a. Oryctolagus cuniculus

"And so what, if I love each feather and each spangle? Why not try and see things from a different angle? Your life is a sham till you can shout out loud I am what I am." - Jerry Herman (I Am What I Am)

b. Pterostichus anthracinus

7. Hydrangea macrophylla

8. Strelitzia reginae

9. Ipomoea purpura

10. Rosa gallica

11. Tulipa sylvestra

12. Cornus Florida

7. Hydrangea macrophylia

1. Passiflora edulis

2. Strelitzia reginae

3. Dryopteris arguta

4. Prunus armeniaca

5. Pyrostegia venusta

6. Actinidia deliciosa

In Their Own Words

Autistic People

Hannah Gadsby

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"Autism is overwhelming. So people see the distress of it. But often in a lot of those distresses we’ve been dragged out of our little thoughts, having a great time in our heads. Nobody sees that, and I don’t see that celebrated. It is different and it is not all sad.


[People think] it’s a devastating existence. And it doesn’t have to be: It’s not autism that makes it difficult to live with autism. It’s the world we’ve created that is not geared in our favor."

c. Agalychnis callidryas

9. Ipomoea purpurea 


Armani Williams


"Being autistic, I find this as an advantage for me because I’m so focus and concentrated behind the wheel. That goes with being consistent, smooth, and seeing the big picture leading up to the race so I have put that all into good use and it has really help me developed as a pro race car driver."

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d. Ara macao

"I definitely look at people differently. I like to deconstruct, to pull a character apart, to work out what makes them tick. And my view will not be the same as everyone else."

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Anthony Hopkins



"Kids bullied me and that just drove me further into myself. Children can be very cruel when they see someone who doesn’t fit in and unfortunately, that was me. I didn’t fit in anywhere."

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Daryl Hannah


"People say 'You don't look autistic! but that is because your perception of what you think autism looks like is wrong. Think. How many autistic people who look like me in the media have you seen?"

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Rian Phin

Fashion Vlogger

10. Rosa gallica 

Climate Advocate

"I'm proud to be on the autism spectrum. For most, it is an endless fight against schools, workplaces & bullies, but under the right circumstances, given the right adjustments, it can be a superpower."

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Greta Thunberg

Helen Hoang

“Women are under more social pressure to conform. If we’re on autistic, we’re pushed to the max to fit in. For that reason, I think it’s important to portray what autism looks like so people who need the diagnosis can get it."

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"Work initiatives are aimed at those who have marketable skills. We need to pay more attention to the massive "excluded middle" of us who languish because current narratives leave no room for people like us to exist."

Maxfield Sparrow

Author & Speaker

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Juan Pablo Ruiz

"I found that as an autistic person in academia, the one thing I could’ve used more of was a combination of time and patience from others."

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"Autism is many things. But it is seldom what it is perceived by people to be. It isn’t a tragedy. It isn’t a ravaged life. It isn’t an entity that destroys lives. It isn’t a disease."

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Morénike Giwa Onaiwu

Human Rights Advocate

Niall Aslam

British Television Celebrity

"I think it is important that I come forward, not only so that I can finally be honest with myself, but so that other individuals in my position can embrace their true colors.  I'm glad I can now accept who I am."

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"There's one dominant narrative in our culture and in the media about what neurodiversity looks like, about what mental health looks like. I'm here to bust that narrative. I'm here to break the stigma. Are you?"

Sydney Magruder

Ballet Dancer

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Amy Sequenzia


"There are some Autistics who still can’t, or who still find it difficult to communicate in the majority’s preferred ways. Some of us might find it overwhelming to communicate by talking or typing all the time. When trying to convey a message, we use our eyes, body language, and, sometimes, even noises that are hard to understand.


 [People] should not only pay attention to these forms of communication, but also support them."

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d. Diphyllodes respublica

Alex Clementine

Graphic Designer

"Just because we act differently than most doesn’t mean we’re weird. And, please don’t treat us as such. Trust me, we know when we’re being treated as outcasts or viewed as the monster. It’s traumatic being cast aside all your life. We just want to be accepted and appreciated every once in a while.


I used to be ashamed of who I am but now I am learning to love myself and take pride in what makes me me."

f. Danaus plexippus

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