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A Different Type

of Team

 At Pivot, we lead with empathy in order to solve for the end user.


We understand that inclusive and balanced teams lead to better outcomes, so we model that ourselves.

Our Leadership Approach

Let's Do Something Different

"When you give a disabled person the agency and license to tell their own story, you're going to get the best story possible because (we) live it," - actor Ryan O'Connell

Interview with The Daily Show

April 25, 2019

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Photo: Sarah Walker, Simon & Schuster

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair,"

- U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisholm 

(1924 - 2005)

As neurodiverse individuals, we have a vested interest in achieving results.

We believe in self advocacy, a practice centered on the concept that all communities hold the right to shape their own narrative, to lead on their own issues, and to speak for themselves. While some see this as an ethical approach (it is), it's also a frame focused on effectiveness


We center neurodiverse individuals and their expertise in our work. This is not only ethical but effective.


An autistic-led company, we bring together neurodiverse professionals who happen to be experts in their field.


We actively engage a diverse stakeholder group which is composed of neurodiverse people, parents, and allies who guide us, keep us accountable, and ensure our success.

Why just start another company when you have an opportunity to start a different type of one?


We focus on results for our clients, with an empathetic approach to the end user.


We empower

organizations to support neurodiverse employees in a manner which fosters a greater sense of belonging and inclusion for all employees.


We use our success to model the necessity of centering neurodiverse individuals within our own narrative.


Neurodiverse people have historically been marginalized from organizations which purport to be about us - producing static outcomes for us & our families face. There's a much better way.

Our Leadership

To Do Something Different, It Helps To Be a Bit Different.

"My mind works a bit differently than most and that's great.


Using that difference has shaped me into someone whom organizations can rely on whenever there is a particularly tough problem to solve."

- John Marble, Founder

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John is a seasoned strategist and communicator on workforce policy, innovation, and neurodiversity. His work has been featured in three documentaries as well as in a broad spectrum of media including CBS News, CNN, the BBC, Fox News, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Rolling Stone


He has served as an aide to Presidents Clinton and Obama, along with advising other policy makers such as Vice Present Al Gore, and Secretaries Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.​

He once was shipwrecked on an island. His life is filled with wonderfully odd stories like that.

He is autistic.


Experts & Advocates

Tech Industry and D&I Leaders



& Advocates


& Other Allies

Pivot Stakeholder Steering Committee: Soliciting Accountability & Advice to Ensure Success

"In starting Pivot, we want to model something different - to demonstrate that if we focus on the end-user (those populations impacted by our work), the results will be much better than we would otherwise have.


When I worked in politics, I was always struck by how effective candidates built grassroots "kitchen cabinet" steering committees - groups of voters (environmentalists, civil rights advocates, business owners, etc.) whom they could work together with to positively shape their policy and to hold their feet to the fire." - John Marble, Founder