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APRIL 10, 2024

"Neurodiversity For Dummies" Released: An Accessible Guide To Understanding Differences in Human Thinking


San Francisco, CA - Pivot Neurodiversity is excited to announce the release of "Neurodiversity For Dummies," (Wiley), a groundbreaking guide co-authored by John Marble, Khushboo Chabria, and Ranga Jayaraman. Written as a dynamic collaboration between neurodivergent individuals and those who parent neurodivergent children, this book marks a significant step forward in making complex topics like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other variations of human thinking more accessible to everyone.

“As a neurodivergent person, I’ve long wanted to have a book to hand to parents and those struggling to understand themselves more,” says John Marble, the Founder of Pivot Neurodiversity. “We make sure to keep it simple, with clear explanations of neurodivergent conditions, tips on how you and your family can thrive, and a vision for how we can create a more neuroinclusive world.”

“Neurodiversity For Dummies” addresses a critical need for awareness and understanding, given that an estimated 20% of the human population exhibits neurodivergent traits. The authors leverage their own stories and expert insights to unpack neurodiversity in a way that’s relatable, entertaining, and enlightening for readers. As an easy-to-read guide, the book is designed for a wide audience, including neurodivergent individuals, parents, educators, and allies. 

“As an educator, career coach, and former clinician, I’ve seen the impact it makes when people recognize and value diverse ways of thinking,” says Khushboo Chabria, Program Manager for the Neurodiversity Pathways program of Goodwill of Silicon Valley. “As a neurodivergent person myself, I understand what it’s like to live in a world that isn’t always accommodating of us or designed with neurodiversity in mind. This book is an exercise in providing neurodivergent people with the understanding, acceptance, and support we need.”

“Neurodiversity For Dummies” not only utilizes the authors’ professional expertise on the topic of neurodiversity, but brings together Marble and Chabria’s firsthand experiences with neurodivergence, and Jayaraman’s perspective as a parent. Together, the three collaborate to create a comprehensive explanation of neurodifferences that empowers readers and champions a more inclusive future.

“Real progress in neurodiversity acceptance and appreciation requires widespread adoption of some key universal principles - normalcy of neurodiversity, compassionate curiosity, inclusion for abilities and acceptance for differences,” says Ranga Jayaraman, Director of the Neurodiversity Pathways program of Goodwill of Silicon Valley and the parent of an autistic son. “We wrote this book to provide readers the kind of information I wish my own family had received."

With its release, "Neurodiversity For Dummies" aspires to be more than just a book; it seeks to be a movement towards greater acceptance and celebration of neurological differences, encouraging a society that values every individual’s unique contributions.

Now available in bookstores and online, "Neurodiversity For Dummies" is poised to become an essential resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of neurodiversity and to promote an inclusive environment for all.

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